The Tropical Doctor

Someone returning from a trip to a (sub) tropical country may have health problems resulting from their trip or stay abroad. They should see a tropical doctor at the Erasmus MC.

Dr. David Overbosch Radio Columns


Dr. David Overbosch, director of Travel Clinic, had a weekly radio column on Netherlands World Radio where he talked about health risks faced by Dutch citizens abroad. Each week during the programme “The Week That Was” Dr. Overbosch talked about a disease or condition which such citizens might encounter.

David Overbosch, internist and specialist in infectious diseases, is well known as an expert in the field of tropical diseases. During severe epidemics such as the outbreak of SARS and bird flu, he was actively involved in risk management. Similarly, he has been at the forefront of helping to control African fevers such as Lassa and Ebola. Dr Overbosch has 52 publications to his name in the corpus of international medical literature.

Radio Columns

Listen to the radio programmes - in Dutch - at our You Tube channel.
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