Consultations for travellers with special needs

Opportunities to travel to the far corners of the world have never been as great as they are now including for people with chronic diseases or serious health issues. It is important, however, that such travellers take extra precautions to ensure that their health does not deteriorate while they are abroad.

Travelling with an Immune Disorder

People who have an immune disorder are more susceptible to diseases and infections. This means special precautions need to be taken when travelling. At the very least, visit a specialist vaccination clinic before taking a trip.

Travelling after a splenectomy

Travellers who have had a splenectomy have an increased risk of contracting infectious diseases. If you belong to this group, be sure to visit a specialist vaccination clinic before leaving for your trip.

Special travellers

It is especially advisable for persons at special risk to take extra precautions when visiting a tropical country.

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