Health Care Abroad for your employees

Personalised package with 24/7 service for maximum protection of your employees
For a posting abroad to be successful there needs to be thorough preparation, good guidance and support during the stay and on returning to the Netherlands. We can help your employees, and their families where necessary, to prepare properly for any posting abroad, wherever that may be. They will receive a medical examination and advice from doctors who have specialist knowledge of tropical conditions and diseases. Thanks to this thorough preparation, Travel Clinic is then ideally placed to offer support during and after the stay abroad. In fact, Travel Clinic can perform the role of family doctor with the whole world as its practice area.

Medical Audits

Extensive research is carried out into the standards of local health care at national and regional levels.
It is often very difficult to assess the standards of a country’s health care systems from a distance. Travel Clinic’s medical audit experts therefore visit the countries themselves in order to assess the quality of the medical care available.

Local Clinics

Medical Clinics at international locations for initial reception and assistance
Depending on the size of a project and the health risks faced we can set up a clinic abroad for the use of your employees.

Outbreak Management

Emergency Response Plan tailored to the specific circumstances of your organisation
In addition to providing medical advice and carrying out medical examinations, Travel Clinic also provides risk management services in cases of serious epidemics, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) or swine flu.

Health Care for worldtravellers

To download the brochure 'Healthcare for worldtravellers', click below.

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