Arranging an COVID-19 proof of recovery

Travelling after a recent infection with COVID-19
We get a lot of questions about the COVID-19 proof of recovery: a travel document which shows you have recently had COVID-19. These certificates are only issued via the GGD/CoronaCheck-app. Therefore it is pointless to phone the Travel Clinic about this.

Proof of Recovery if you have been tested by the GGD (Municipal Health Service)
You can only get the proof of recovery if you have had a COVID-19 test at the GGD. This means you had symptoms and tested positive at an official GGD test location. You can download the proof of recovery in the CoronaCheck-app if you tested positive at least 11 days ago. Read more.

Proof of Recovery if you have not been tested by the GGD
Did you have COVID-19 symptoms and were you tested by a commercial provider (for instance via your job0? Then you can also download the proof of recovery in the CoronaCheck-app. Your test results must have been passed on to the GGD by the commercial test provider, otherwise they will not be in the national system. Read more.

You can find more information and help in downloading the proof of recovery on this webpage of the Dutch Government.

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