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We have more than 25 years’ experience providing business services to companies operating internationally.
A good employer ensures that his employees enjoy safe and healthy working conditions. Organisations sending employees abroad need to pay particular attention to specific health issues. Health care systems in many other countries are not as well developed as those in the Netherlands. Travel Clinic can help companies ensure that their employees receive appropriate medical care while they are abroad.


Travel Clinic supports your employees

As an employer with employees working in different countries it is clearly in your interest to ensure that these employees are healthy before they go and remain healthy while they are away. Our Health Care Abroad programme offers medical services before departure, while abroad, and on return to the Netherlands.

Travel Clinic can tailor this programme to the specific circumstances of your employees. In consultation with employers we design complete packages of services appropriate to the destination, the nature of the work and the duration of the stay. More information about the Health Care Abroad programme can be found here.


Travel Clinic supports your organisation

If your organisation plans to start a new project abroad Travel Clinic can provide you with expert health care advice. Because of our more than 25 years’ experience of foreign travel health care we provide unparalleled advice about the risks or issues that will face you when establishing a project abroad. By conducting a “Quickscan” we will provide an immediate overview of the relevant health risks. We will then use this as the basis upon which to create a support programme or conduct a medical audit taking into account your specific needs. If necessary we can make arrangements for a local clinic to be available for your employees. Click here for more information about  Medical Audits, Local Clinics  or Outbreak Management.

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