Vaccinations are available which can protect persons from many of the diseases which might otherwise be contracted whilst travelling abroad.Travel Clinic provides personal advice about which vaccinations are appropriate taking into account the length, purpose and destination of your trip.


If you are planning to travel to a (sub) tropical country in the near future we recommend that you make an appointment with Travel Clinic at least six weeks in advance. Certain vaccinations and medicines need to be taken for a number of weeks before travelling in order to be effective. If you are going to be abroad for longer than six months then you should make an appointment with us at least three months in advance.


Individual consultations

Travel Clinic’s Vaccination Clinic gives clients personal advice taking account of the form of travel, the known risks in the country/countries to be visited, the length of the proposed trip and a person’s current state of health. The vaccination expert will draw up a personal vaccination plan for each client. He or she will advise you how best to protect yourself against diseases and will discuss with you what steps you should take before setting off on your trip. You may be given the vaccination(s) themselves during the same appointment if this is appropriate.


Making an appointment

The Vaccination Clinic is for holidaymakers, business travellers, employees who are being posted abroad and anyone else who is travelling to high-risk areas.

Each year we advise and vaccinate more than 20,000 people. If you would you like to talk to one of our experts please make an appointment via the website or call:

010 704 5050


You can use the world map to see which vaccinations are needed for which countries.


For the costs associated with your individual consultation and our current prices for vaccinations please visit: Vaccinations - price list

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